Q. Do you required a deposit?

A. Yes, a $30 refundable deposit is required to book your unit. If you need to cancel your event, please inform us 5 days prior to the event date. In the event of inclement weather, we will refund your deposit.

Q. Do you required a signed waiver form?

A. Yes, when we arrive at the event site, we will set up the unit and go over all safety details with you and will require you or your representative to signed a waiver form. We can also mail or email you a form ahead of time if needed.

Q. Are you insured and inspected?

A. Yes, State law requires all inflatable operators to be inspected once a year and insured prior to operation.


Q. How Do I reserved your unit?


A. There are three (3) ways to reserved our units:

1) Pick up at our store and drop off at our store when you are done with your event.

2) Deliver to your residence and pick up from your residence (no set up or take down).

3) Deliver, set up and take down when your done with event (full service).

call or email us for details.

Q. What is your set up procedures?

A. The set up areas should be free of debris, sharp objects, animal feces, rocks, tree limbs, pine cones, just about anything that could damage our units.

Q. How long is the rental for?

A. The rental of any inflatables is one day only based on the number of parties booked with us on that day. In the spring/summer we will drop off as early as 7am and pick up no later 7pm. In Fall/Winter, we will set up as early as 8am and pick up no later than 5-6pm.

Q. Can I have the unit set up on pavement, driveway?

A. On some occasion, our unit can be place on pavement, driveway, such as bouncers, obstacle course, combo units. Slides are a little tricky since the end HAS to be staked in the ground in order for it to be stable. We can visit set up site if you are unsure. 

Q. If multiple unit is rented, what type of power source is needed?

A. Each unit has to have its' own power source in order to operate correctly. example:
1 bouncer and a slide is rented, we would need 2 separate outlets to power the blowers. if both blowers are on the same circuit, the blowers will cause the circuit breaker to trip. again if you are unsure, please call or email us and we will be happy to go over the requirements.

Q. Do you have a generator?

A. Yes, we have one generator and if more is needed, we recommend that you contact the local equipment stores that rents the generator. 

Q. What is your delivery area?

A. Our primary service location is in Wilmington, however, we will deliver to areas outside our 20 miles delivery locations. There are additional costs for delivery, please call us or email us for details.

Q. What about the inclement weather?

A. If there is a 30% chance of rain, we will not come out to do the set up, SO PLEASE HAVE A BACK UP PLAN IN CASE OF CANCELLATION!!!!! if there is a steady wind of 20 mph, we will not set up. 
Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. Yes we do accept credit cards.